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China Potato Starch-Specialized Society(CPSSS)

  This council is operated by China Starch Industry Association, and is a national trade organization built voluntarily by all the domestic potato starch further and deep processing enterprises, institutions, and related trade workers who engage in the production, application, circulation, research, and equipment manufacture in this industry. It is also a non-profit social organization built in January 2006. Registered by the civil affairs department, it is located Hohhot, Inner Mongolia. It has its own independent professional association web site(www.cpsss.org). Currently, there are 60 members which are the backbone large-sized or medium-sized enterprises of Chinese provinces and automous regions.
The object of this council is serving for potato starch processing and further processing industry. It aims at promoting the industry stability and its healthy development. Under the premise of abiding of national laws and regulations, the industrial policies, and social morality, it will coordinate, guide and regulate the production and management, the market circulation, research and development, and industry communication of all the members. It will play the role of bridge between government and the industrial organization, and reflect the industry situation and their views actively, and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of members to serve for the potato industry with all its heart. Certainly, this council will make a great contribution to improve the management level of potato starch industry, and its financial and social efficiency.

Address:Nailun Business Center, No.22 Yishuting South Street, Xincheng District, Hohhot, Inner Mongolia, China
Zip Code: 010010
Tel:0471-6204492 6204289
Fax: 6962510
Contact:Lv Chunlin
Web Site:www.cpsss.org



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